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Posted by HISKingdomWorks on Friday, August 14, 2015

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3 Keys to Converting Website Leads to Sales

So more and more of your leads are coming from the web, right? But here’s the question … Are you happy with how many are converting to solid, set appointments and sales? If not, you’re not alone as many remodelers are experiencing lackluster ‘conversion rates’ with web shoppers.

Well, listen up as we’re about to explore some astounding realities that just COULD help improve your internet marketing results dramatically.

First, let’s define a web lead. It could be an inquiry that comes your way from one of the major internet lead providers. Or, it could simply be an inquiry (submitted form) from your website or landing page(s) like an estimate or consumer guide request or possibly a sweepstakes entry of some sort. However, the lead gets to you, it almost always requires a “response” on your part; usually it’s an effort to set an appointment for a consultation.

Picture This…

You go to your favorite upscale department store on a Tuesday morning and ask to talk to a salesperson about a new suit or dress only to be told they will be happy to help you Friday morning! Crazy, right? The fact is … the same is true for responding to your inbound internet leads. Your immediate and skillful response is crucial to your success.

In fact, research from Harvard, Northwestern University, MIT and others show that web generated leads convert 22 times more often when you make contact within the first five minutes. Here are some more astonishing statistical facts regarding web leads:

  • 63% of companies fail to respond to their web leads within 1 hour, 24% fail to respond within one day and 23% fail to respond AT ALL!
  • 25% of companies surveyed THINK they respond to their web leads within 5 minutes when in reality only 5% actually do
  • The first company to contact a web submitted prospect has a 238% higher rate of conversion than the second (These prospects are likely checking out other companies also)

You may want to share these realities with all your employees so they can see the importance of “The 5 Minute Rule”.

Here’s How You Can Convert More Web Leads

So what’s the answer to converting more of your web leads to appointments and sales? Three things … Speed, Skills, and Persistence. Web leads are different than many other types of leads so let’s examine each of these three success components…

  • Speed – The statistics above make it very clear that your speed of response to web inquiries will likely have the biggest impact on your success. Be sure you are taking advantage of industry specific CRM technology so you can immediately alert your staff members in real time via email, text messages, alerts, etc.
  • Skills – Typically, following up on an internet lead requires an outbound phone call to attempt to schedule a consultation appointment. Now listen carefully here… MOST COMPANIES SIMPLY “WING IT” WITH THIS IMPORTANT STEP! Remember your job here is to ‘sell the appointment’ NOT your products and services. BIG difference! Seek out some scripting training for your staff on how to effectively set appointments on the phone. This “skill” will prove invaluable to your success.
  • Persistence – Stats show that it often takes multiple (upwards to 5) attempts to make contact with these leads. The average company only makes 1.5 attempts. Additionally, even if you do make contact, many of these leads don’t convert immediately to appointments or sales. This is where an effective ‘nurture marketing’ program should be implemented to be sure these valuable contacts don’t “fall through the cracks” over time.

Action Plan:

Have a brainstorming meeting with your marketing staff to discuss your strategy on how you can improve the handling of web leads! It HAS to include a commitment to treat your internet leads like GOLD! In today’s business environment, it’s all about sales and marketing EFFICIENCY! The companies that set out to identify and execute many of the ‘little things’ that separate themselves from their competition will be the winners. Be sure you are also leveraging technology solutions (CRM, Lead Nurturing, etc.) to aid in this important task.


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What is your business success model

Are You Squandering Your Web Traffic?

How to Convert Your SEO Traffic into Qualified Leads and Paying Customers.

As an online marketer, you are pretty savvy about the latest and greatest SEO strategies to improve rankings and drive traffic to your website. But what are you doing to capture those leads and convert them into happy customers? Unless you are among the mere 20% of online marketers that are fully leveraging nurture marketing, you aren’t doing enough…and opportunities and sales are slipping through the cracks.

Start by getting a personal map of your Marketing Automation Plan
Start by getting a personal map of your Marketing Automation Plan

Marketing Experiments published a study demonstrating that 80% of leads are squandered due to poor follow-up. The study also demonstrated that by optimizing your lead management strategy and following up with leads at least eight times, you will increase your conversion rate. The results can be quite dramatic, as illustrated by the case study of a partner who increased sales by 375% simply by doing a better job of following up with leads.

Despite the overwhelming evidence in support of nurture marketing and effective follow-up, far too many marketers let their leads fall into a black hole. However, if you stay in front of prospects, educating and building trust along the way, they’ll come to you when they are ready to buy. Here are a few simple tips for using nurture marketing to convert more of your hard won web traffic into buyers.

Don’t be afraid to follow-up.

A lot of marketers don’t follow-up with leads because they don’t want to seem pushy or annoying. The hidden truth is people do want to hear from you, especially when they opt in for something of value, such as a free report or newsletter series. As long as you continue to provide valuable, relevant content to your subscribers AND give them an easy way to opt-out, you will be welcomed in the inbox.

Get permission to keep in touch.

Just because someone fills out a form on your site doesn’t mean that they want to get added to your mailing list. So before starting any email follow-up, be sure your contact WANTS to receive the information you’re sending. Whether you include an opt-in checkbox on your web form or send a double opt-in email request, getting permission isn’t just a good idea…it’s the law!

Set the right expectations.

Set proper expectations up-front regarding the frequency of your communications (weekly, monthly, etc.) as well as the content of your messages. This will help you minimize SPAM complaints and help you develop a strong and responsive email list.

Create a multi-hoop system.

Get started
Invite to Free text example – TTE

The objective of nurture marketing is to educate prospects and move them progressively towards greater commitment. A multi-hoop follow-up system enables you to do exactly that. Think of the initial opt-in form on your website as the first hoop. Once a visitor fills it out, offer them additional content and resources in exchange for more contact information (deeper commitment). Continue the process until your lead is ready to buy or engage with your sales team.

By giving your leads the flexibility to advance through the sales funnel at their own pace, you develop trust and goodwill, which over time results in sales. Plus, as a natural side effect of nurture marketing, the most engaged leads bubble to the surface, allowing your sales reps to spend time hunting for hot leads.

Experience nurturing marketing for yourself.

A truly great nurturing sequence can’t be explained…it needs to be experienced firsthand. To opt-in to a sample nurture sequence from Infusionsoft (the leaders in follow-up marketing for small businesses), simply fill out this form. (Don’t worry. Infusionsoft won’t share your information, send you spam, or try to sell you stuff.) During the follow-up sequence, you will receive a variety of multi-media follow-up messages via email, text message, and direct mail so you can experience the power of nurture marketing.

Get the most from your SEO efforts.

In the end, it doesn’t matter how great your SEO strategies are if you don’t capture those leads and convert them into buyers. To learn how to get the most from your SEO, register now for the webinar “Nurture Marketing 2.0:  How to Convert Your SEO Traffic into Qualified Leads and Paying Customers,” presented by the follow-up experts at Infusionsoft. During the webinar, you’ll learn how to:

•Capture site visitors using lead gen magnets
•Convert leads into customers through nurture marketing
•Turn customers into repeat buyers and raving fans
•Automate your marketing and sales to save time and money
•And more!

Read More about getting referrals on Auto Pilot.

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Hobby Time – Fishing

Free up your time and consider doing something you love with that extra time!

One of the benefits of Automation in your business is allowing you time to enjoy your favorite hobby.  My favorite  outdoor activity is saltwater fishing.   If you like fishing, this trip is fishing on steroids.   Check out Tony Reyes fishing adventure on the Sea of Cortez (South of  California –  in the Mexican Baja).

As I help business owners automate their business,  here is a great suggestions to enjoy that extra time.  “Can’t have all work and no play”.   Consider this adventure……

You start by crossing over into Mexico from  Calexico, CA,  just off of interstate 8.   drive south about 2 1/2 hours  to San Felipe.  You will need your passport and once over the boarder,  stop off to left  and pick up your one-week visa.  Follow route 5 south.  Next stop San Felipe.     For those in the local surrounding states, driving presents positive economical option to that of flying.  No airfare cost!Border CrossingDowntown San Felipe

6 Days of full fishing.   The 107 foot fishing vessel departs San Felipe on Saturday late morning.

Tony Reyes 107' boat in white
Tony Reyes 107′ boat in white

We found that everyone is extremely helpful.  For a few $$ tip you can have all your stuff loaded on the boat directly from your truck.  Your  vehicle is parked at Tony’s personal gated yard about 7 mins away.

Our charter was  orchestrated by David Dang (many thanks David),  this was his 11th annual trip.

sideview of boat
Taking some time to jump in and cool off. See video for Chris’s perfect flip from the roof top.



The mothership, is where you sleep, relax, eat,  and socialize with the group.   Each fishing group consists of 2 or 3 anglers with your own ponga fishing captain.

Each day we get off the boat into our completely loaded pongas with our fishing equipment and drinks.   All we need to do is bring our personal items, sunscreen, sun glasses, and a big  straw-hat.  Oh yeh, bring your video/camera  equipment.

Others on the trip brought their underwater GoPros and captured some great footage.   Next year that will be an added feature as it shows those crazy fish fighting to the final end.





Check out video footage leaving the dock.

Day 1 – 3  Video Footage:

Be sure to check back.  Additional photos and video content still to come.


Fish on board
Fish range from Grouper, Yellow Tail, Trigger Fish, Pinto Bass, all great eating.

If you enjoy beautiful sunsets, amazing dark night sky after a busy fishing day, this is one trip you will never forget nor regret.   Almost forgot to mention great meals each and every day along with lots of cold beer.

Each location offers different settings, be sure to check out the old lighthouse.

Abandoned lighthouse at the entrance to San Francisquito
Abandoned lighthouse at the entrance to San Francisquito

Sea of Cortez Sunset


Sunset on our return to port.
Sunset on our return to port.

Amazing Sunset

Ponga capt preparing to get boat hauled onboard prior to entering port.

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What is QuantumCash

About QuantumCash™…

More than 7 years in development… securing multiple US and international patents… assembling an unequaled team of superstars in the fields of financial services, systems and marketing to lead this groundbreaking initiative… all dedicated to an uncompromising mission…

GET this 1 Page Report “Free”:  3 Factors you need to know about Reward Cards.

QuantumCash™ is about to shake the foundation of a US economy that is growing less stable every year… an economy that does not reflect the realities of a shrinking middle class and exploding social interactions online…


Earning Social Image


The QuantumCash™ Mission is to become the most consumer-valued and universally used loyalty
cash rewards program ever introduced. Our team is dedicated to…

  1. Help all Americans improve their standard of living…
  2. Help merchants and other businesses ACQUIRE NEW CUSTOMERS and RETAIN EXISTING CUSTOMERSwith our…
  3. Patented Customer Acquisition Program
  4. Patented Lifetime Customer Loyalty™ Program
  5. We help merchants and other businesses cut the growing waste from their marketing budgets,
    dramatically increase marketing effectiveness and develop new revenue streams
    that secure long-term success – as well as market cap growth…
  6. Help merchants achieve an “ROI Lift” by providing a new revenue source that enables merchants
    to earn when their customers shop elsewhere.
  7. Help faith-based organizations and non-profits achieve economic sustainability. As a faith-based company,
    we are intensely dedicated to this objective for the benefit of all.

We seek Marketing Partners who share our vision for a more efficient, more robust and more inclusive.
American economy… an economy more relevant to the NEW America that is rising all around us.

GET this 1 Page Report “Free”:  3 Factors you need to know about Reward Cards.

We would welcome those who would like to join our bata testing group.   See the online form below.


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Getting text followup sequences that work with your CRM systems

Automation Success Stories – Case Studies

Old World craftsmanship meets modern technology.

Automation in Action with OPIBIKE
Automation in Action with OPIBIKE

For Jim Turner, Optibike is an extension of his life as a motocross rider, triathlete, and semiconductor design engineer. For his customers, Optibikes are a great way to lose weight, commute without a car, and have fun.

After buying his first electric bike in 1996, Jim found that it didn’t climb hills or go far enough. So he decided to make a better one. He built his first model in 1998, and started Optibike in 2008. Today, the company has customers in 32 countries, generating more than $1.45 million in annual sales. What’s more, Optibikes are the only electric bicycles—design, labor, parts and all—made 100% in America.  Continue Here


Case Studies from InfusionCon 2014 sponsored by Infusionsoft.

Several of the ideas were presented at Infusionsoft most recent convention held in Phoenix Arizona. As a certified partner since 2008, I have had the pleasure of attending InfusionCon over the last several years, I can confidently say they have grown each and every year, now requiring the entire Phoenix convention center. Plenty of room to grow, as the convention center is huge. Meeting small-business owners from all parts of the globe is not only rewarding it’s very educational. Just learning how they implement follow-up campaigns and automation into all types and styles of business, is extremely helpful when consulting with other business owners. Just one small idea such as multiple tags or groups segmenting your data can be highly beneficial.

Case Study 1: Notes from InfusionCon via the “Automation Coach” Read more here

Well-designed tools make all the difference.

Interior Design Software
Interior Design Software

When Debbie Green and her daughter-in-law created Minutes Matter, they quickly became the leading provider for easy-to-use interior design software, quoting solutions and organizational systems.

But their own internal systems were anything but easy. Using four separate tools meant nothing worked together; the national sales team couldn’t coordinate efficiently, and shopping cart data had to be manually entered into the CRM. Plus, an overly-simple email program limited their ability to create targeted, relevant marketing messages to prospects and customers.   Continue here….

Automation frees up precious time for this dad.

Private Counsel
Private Counsel

David’s business is all about taking care of families. From wills and trusts to full estate planning, David and his associates help people put their affairs in order so their families are protected.

PrivateCounsel spent far too much time and money marketing the business and trying to stay top-of-mind to leads in the pipeline. If the team was busy with existing clients, new leads often received no follow-up until long after they expressed interest. But once he got Infusionsoft,  David’s team put the automation tools to work.  Continue here….


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