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Where do you begin to improve local organic web search positioning?

Like most small business owners, we tend to wear lots of hats and become limited in what we can do because of time.    Time is something we can never get back.   That’s why we want to found out those tasks that we can put into systems (automation) to run without having you doing those tasks.  Your time is valued at the highest level and need not get buried doing $7 to $9 per hour tasks.   Focus efforts on selling more bbq wood pellet grills

As a consultant for business automation, I look to task out those low level functions to temp services or consider the addition of a human resource.   In many cases college (interns) are seeking local businesses to gain credits, and can provide that needed help.

bbq wood pellet grill company
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As far as generating new and repeat business, I took a look at what your competition is doing in the way of ads and promotional budgets.  For example spends around $260 per day on Pay Per Click (PPC), while bidding on over 223 keywords, in over 423 ad copies.  The keyword “Smoker” gets approx 2.7 mil searches on Google   There are approx 44 (PPC) competing businesses paying a average of .92 per click for that keyword (CPC).  Treager is getting just under 3% of (organic) or free traffic from that word.  local Treager dealer in Phoenix AZ.  Barbecuing in  Arizona is a year round activity. A dealer for AZ Traeger grills 

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As you can see this can take time to analysis what the top competition is doing with their online ads, keywords, and how they are ranking.  Getting prospects to your site or marketing pages it like have a stream of gold coming out of the ground.  That’s why millions are spent each month online. 

—  Main items to address —-

1. Review current website for higher SEO status.  

2. Automation to nurture new leads.  Follow up after the initial meeting or interest from a contact.  Usage of simple and easy lead capture pages. 

3. Provide easy access (via online) to Web-forms.  Those showing interest in wood pellet grills can fillout, submit and receive a stream of nurturing information.  This allows the lead to become more interested (become hotter) saving time on business human resources having to present the same sales presentation over and over. 

4.  Take the above information (SEO Analysis) and seek to place higher (local / Phoenix) via online searches.  SEO review of local competition like  <–they place #1 organic under the search phase:  “smokers grills in phoenix”     They are using around 33 keywords.   These keywords are ones we want to incorporate. 

Wood Pellet Grills – is a great alternative to gas and propane bbq’s.  Pellet grills provide the highest quality in grilling, both smokers/traditional grill cooking.  Also known as Gourmet Grills  

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