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Hobby Time – Fishing

Free up your time and consider doing something you love with that extra time!

One of the benefits of Automation in your business is allowing you time to enjoy your favorite hobby.  My favorite  outdoor activity is saltwater fishing.   If you like fishing, this trip is fishing on steroids.   Check out Tony Reyes fishing adventure on the Sea of Cortez (South of  California –  in the Mexican Baja).

As I help business owners automate their business,  here is a great suggestions to enjoy that extra time.  “Can’t have all work and no play”.   Consider this adventure……

You start by crossing over into Mexico from  Calexico, CA,  just off of interstate 8.   drive south about 2 1/2 hours  to San Felipe.  You will need your passport and once over the boarder,  stop off to left  and pick up your one-week visa.  Follow route 5 south.  Next stop San Felipe.     For those in the local surrounding states, driving presents positive economical option to that of flying.  No airfare cost!Border CrossingDowntown San Felipe

6 Days of full fishing.   The 107 foot fishing vessel departs San Felipe on Saturday late morning.

Tony Reyes 107' boat in white
Tony Reyes 107′ boat in white

We found that everyone is extremely helpful.  For a few $$ tip you can have all your stuff loaded on the boat directly from your truck.  Your  vehicle is parked at Tony’s personal gated yard about 7 mins away.

Our charter was  orchestrated by David Dang (many thanks David),  this was his 11th annual trip.

sideview of boat
Taking some time to jump in and cool off. See video for Chris’s perfect flip from the roof top.



The mothership, is where you sleep, relax, eat,  and socialize with the group.   Each fishing group consists of 2 or 3 anglers with your own ponga fishing captain.

Each day we get off the boat into our completely loaded pongas with our fishing equipment and drinks.   All we need to do is bring our personal items, sunscreen, sun glasses, and a big  straw-hat.  Oh yeh, bring your video/camera  equipment.

Others on the trip brought their underwater GoPros and captured some great footage.   Next year that will be an added feature as it shows those crazy fish fighting to the final end.





Check out video footage leaving the dock.

Day 1 – 3  Video Footage:

Be sure to check back.  Additional photos and video content still to come.


Fish on board
Fish range from Grouper, Yellow Tail, Trigger Fish, Pinto Bass, all great eating.

If you enjoy beautiful sunsets, amazing dark night sky after a busy fishing day, this is one trip you will never forget nor regret.   Almost forgot to mention great meals each and every day along with lots of cold beer.

Each location offers different settings, be sure to check out the old lighthouse.

Abandoned lighthouse at the entrance to San Francisquito
Abandoned lighthouse at the entrance to San Francisquito

Sea of Cortez Sunset


Sunset on our return to port.
Sunset on our return to port.

Amazing Sunset

Ponga capt preparing to get boat hauled onboard prior to entering port.

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