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Keeping to our website slogan  “More Action with Less Stress”  This page was created to assist our prospects and clients for a quick start.  Everything good takes work, but doing it right the first time make all the difference. Doug Masi

What are the Top online Marketing/Sales teams using to get results: What are the Tools 4 Automation?

Think of your online marketing and sales automation as a fine tuned race car.

1. The main engine is a Powerful CRM system:

What the pros use for Tools 4 Automation
Start by getting a personal map of your Marketing Automation Plan

Step 1:   Obtain CRM system –  I recommend Infusionsoft.  When you need more power Infusionsoft has it.  Best part, at no additional monthly fee.

As a visitor to my site,  you get a free guide to getting more website traffic eBook.

See details here.



 2. The engine features an extra boost of Power – Texting Solution:

Tool 4 Automation - What the pro use
What the pro use for Tools 4 Automation – Text Solution

The Power of text messaging done the right way.

A simple coupon text message to her customers on Black
Friday turned into a simple 160 character text into
$1,578 of new found profits straight into her business.

Here’s a coupon click to get you 25 free credits. 

3.  Marketing and Sales brochures – The online look and feel. The outside of your race car

Landing pages or Lead pages.  Setup and service by VICO Systems.    Other options for those who want to do on their own.



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